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Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery vs. LAP BAND for Weight Loss

The Roux-En-Y gastric bypass method greatly differs from the LAP-BAND ® procedure. Although both provide patients with fast, effective and sustained weight loss, the main difference lies within the surgical process involved. Patients generally follow the same dietary and lifestyle changes once these surgeries conclude.

Surgical Differences

The Roux-En-Y gastric bypass option provides patients with a less complicated approach to traditional gastric bypass surgery. No stomach tissue gets removed, though a bypass system does get installed. The surgeon will clip a part of the original stomach off in order to form a new, much smaller stomach pouch.

This small pouch gets directly routed to the gastric passage in which food enters. The other end gets attached directly to the small intestine. The larger portion of the original stomach gets sewn shut and attached to the same region of the small intestine to allow for normal fluid drainage.

The Lap-Band option simply uses an elastic type band that helps limit the size of the stomach. In essence, this band pinches off a portion of the stomach, which in turn limits the amount of food the patient has the ability to consume. Patients have the ability to reverse the results of the surgery by allowing surgeons to remove the band as well.

Lap-Band patients generally face less down time when compared to those who undergo gastric bypass methods, including Roux-En-Y.

Surgical Similarities

Both surgical processes shrink the size of the stomach in some way. Patients have the ability to choose between the open and laparoscopic surgical methods in both procedures.

Patients receive anesthetics before receiving surgery in both cases.

Pre Surgery Similarities

Surgeons and dietitians will recommend their bariatric surgery patients to follow a dietary plan before receiving treatment. This specially designed diet will help patients lose weight and prepare their bodies for surgery at the same time. Patients will get provided with a list of specific details regarding their personal circumstance and health status.

Post Surgery Similarities

Roux-En-Y and LAP-BAND ® patients both need to follow dietary plans after surgery includes as well. A step by step plan helps individuals choose the proper food items in the months and years to follow after each surgery.

Patients of both surgeries will have a decreased ability to absorb food nutrients. The Roux-En-Y and LAP-BAND ® options work to limit food intake, and in turn, the patient must compensate for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals that get absorbed. In many cases, patients use supplements to make up for the lost levels of nutrients.

Bariatric surgery patients also must pay special attention to potentially harmful foods. For example, foods high in saturated fat and simple sugars do not get properly digested due to the stomach’s decreased size.

In turn, patients will also focus on consuming the correct foods. These options include high protein sources that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Small meals will contain a lean protein source along with other food sources that contain essential nutrients.

Choosing an Option

The LAP-BAND ® option provides similar results with fewer complications when compared to most gastric bypass procedures. However, the Roux-En-Y gastric bypass option serves as the least complicated bypass choice available.

Cost, availability and personal choice play large roles in choosing a surgery option. Consulting with a surgeon will greatly help in choosing an option as well.

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