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Bariatric surgery is the technical term for operations that are designed to help people lose weight where diet and exercise alone have failed. Surgical therapy has been shown to be effective over both the short-term and long-term in achieving weight loss. However, surgery should be considered as part of an overall plan of weight management – it is not an option for all people who are overweight, and surgery alone without dietary or lifestyle modifications may not be successful.

There are several bariatric procedures which are currently performed to achieve rapid weight loss. Each has its own risks and complications. Although this should not be seen as a substitute for a thorough conversation with a medical professional, we have listed here some of the highlights for various operations that you may hear of while investigating obesity surgery. is an online resource for those interested in surgical weight-loss procedures such as gastric bypass surgery and the lap band procedure. Our directory (map above) can help you locate a physician specializing in bariatric surgery. We encourage you to use the free directory to locate a surgical weight-loss specialist in your area. Please email the bariatric specialist directly from this website in order to get a quick response.

Find the latest information on bariatric surgery in our bariatric related news & articles section.

Please note that this site is not sponsored or maintained by physicians or licensed medical care providers and may not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a physician or other medical care provider regarding any medical questions you may have. Contact a bariatric specialist in your area.

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